Wholesale // Grocery Stores

In growing the brand we stated looking for other revenue streams. Along with catering we

started growing the wholesale division of Sweet Lucie’s. You can find Sweet Lucie’s in the

freezer section of a dozen Southern California Whole Foods Markets.

Brand Architect // Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream

After building brands for close to two decades, I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to

utilize my skill-set to build our own brand, Sweet Lucie’s.

In 2008, my wife, Geri, was pregnant (with our daughter, Lucie) and craving ice cream. Geri

was on an all-organic diet and unfortunately organic ice cream was nowhere to be found.

Geri took matters into her own hands and started making ice cream herself; using only the

finest organic ingredients. The ice cream was delicious, and with our friends’ and families’

encouragement, we decided to start an ice cream company. Since our daughter, Lucie, was

the inspiration for it all, naming the company Sweet Lucie’s only seemed fitting.

The face of the company, the logo was one of the most important aspects of our brand identify.

The visual voice, color palette, and typography selection all had to clearly represent the brand.

It’s an ice cream company so the logo should be playful and fun, but Sweet Lucie’s is an organic,

premium brand, so it also had resonate with a more sophisticated audience.

We recruited award-winning designer Abe Cortes to help. The brief had two clear deliverables;

First, Sweet Lucie’s is organic ice cream, made with simple ingredients; like Mom or Grandmom

used to make. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure the logo had a modern take on a vintage

theme. Second, we wanted to give a nod to Lucie since she was the inspiration for the company.


We wanted to test our product in the market, and embrace the grassroots nature of the

company, so we purchased an antique Italian gelato cart. Through custom paint, upholstery,

and graphics we restored the catering cart to match our brand aesthetic. This adorable cart

gave us a low cost of entry into the catering space and was unique and photographable -

perfect for social sharing.

Mario Batali Celebrity Golf Tournament

Our first catering event was with restauranteur, Food Network Star, and host of ABC’s

The Chew, Mario Batali. Chef Batali held his annual celebrity charity golf tournament, where

at every hole he featured a unique Los Angeles food experience. Sweet Lucie’s was the

exclusive dessert. This partnership gave the brand instant credibility with the foodie crowd.

MTV Movie Awards

The weekend following the Mario Batali event we catered a party for the MTV Movie Awards

where we introduced Hollywoods A-listers to Sweet Lucie’s ice cream. Because press and

the paparazzi spotted the Jonas Brothers enjoying our ice cream, InTouch magazine named

Sweet Lucie’s the “Hottest Treat” in America.


News spread fast about our delicious ice cream, impeccable customer service, and cute little

catering carts. As we continued serving high end parties and celebrity events the press started

to take notice. In fact, our catering division was growing so quickly that Sweet Lucie’s purchased

more catering carts in various sizes to accommodate any special party or event.


The demand for our ice cream was growing beyond our existing manufacturing capabilities.

We decided to take the leap and build a manufacturing plant. We then had the plant USDA

Organic Certified. Sweet Lucie’s was the first federally regulated, USDA Organic Certified

ice cream manufacturer in Southern California.

The high-end food truck trend was just starting to take off, so we decided to take our

company to the next level by entering the mobile food space. Taking into consideration

our product and brand identity it was determined that the  Sweet Lucie’s ice cream truck

had to be a little different than your traditional ice cream truck.

Since our brands aesthetic was a modern take on a traditional theme, a vintage ice cream

truck seemed to make the most sense. We purchased and restored a 1959 International

Harvester Metro ice cream truck. The Sweet Lucie’s ice cream truck is the only fully

permitted, original 1950’s ice cream truck in service in Southern California. You can find

the truck at Farmers Markets and Food Truck Gatherings, but it is mostly used for catering

high profile parties, events, and the cast and crew of popular movies and television shows.

Brand Partnerships

As the Sweet Lucie’s brand continued to grow other companies starting taking notice.

Pottery Barn, Red Bull, Tieks, Toyota, Imagine Dragons, Sweet & Saucy, YouTube,

Sidecar Doughnuts, and Jameson Irish Whiskey are just a few of the brand partners

we’ve had the pleasure of working with through the years.

Sunset Magazine Feature

Sunset Magazine ran their first ever issue dedicated to food where the focus of every article

was to showcase the best culinary experiences found on the west coast. We are very proud

to say that Sweet Lucie’s was named one of the most innovative food companies in America.

Sunset also featured Sweet Lucie’s on Page 1 of the magazine by running a large photo of

of our family and company in the issues Table of Contents.

Intuit // Small Business Big Game

Intuit is the tech company that created TurboTax, and QuickBooks. They held a contest

called, “Small Business Big Game”, where they invited small businesses to tell Intuit about themselves, and Intuit would pick the most deserving small business and produce a Super

Bowl commercial for them. Working with my colleagues in the advertising and production I

directed a video and entered the contest. Of the over 8,000 entries Sweet Lucie’s beat the

odds and made it into the top 15. When becoming a finalist we were featured in business publications throughout the world.

Los Angeles Food and Wine

In continuing to move the brand forward we strive to align ourselves with events that help

celebrate the organic, super premium ice cream we produce. We were honored to be invited

to the prestigious, invite-only Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival. Not only were we asked

to serve at the event, but the Food and Wine team asked us to set-up at the entrance of the

red carpet so we were the first thing all the celebrity and foodie guests/attendees saw.

Television Appearance // David Tutera’s Celebrations

David Tutera, one of the highest respected event planners in the industry has a television

show where viewers get to see a behind-the-scenes look at some of the celebrity parties he

plans. Sweet Lucie’s was asked to be on the show for the last two seasons.

Katy Perry Music Video

Wanting to leverage our brand aesthetic, Katy Perry featured the Sweet Lucie’s truck in her

music video, “This Is How We Do”. The video currently has over 580 million views.

Mar Vista Scoop Shop

Sweet Lucie’s recently expanded into the retail space and opened their first scoop shop on

Venice Blvd in Mar Vista. Located next to “Silicon Beach”, the Los Angeles Times calls Mar

Vista one of the trendiest, and fastest growing real estate markets in Southern California.

Television Appearance // Hailey Duff’s The Real Girl’s Kitchen

Sweet Lucie’s, owner Geri Czako, and our daughter Lucie was on the Food Network,

and Cooking Channel show, The Real Girls Kitchen. Host Hailey Duff spent a few days

with Geri and Lucie as they featured our vintage ice cream truck, catering cart and

manufacturing plant. The show leveraged our brand while promoting the episode.

Sweet Lucie’s // Today

Please visit our website if you’re interested in learning more about Sweet Lucie’s.

Logo Design

Vintage Ice Cream Truck

Wholesale // University of Southern California

Sweet Lucie’s is scooped exclusively at Seeds Marketplace on campus at USC.